Nicole Lilyquist


A Walk Through Falling Leaves


There is grief to express during the autumn season. With it’s arrival there is a celebration of endings. One cannot help but feel some sadness while letting go. During this time you may find yourself acknowledging what you could not accomplish during seasons past while celebrating the abundance around you. I’ve captured this in my latest painting of a woman, in a pumpkin patch, contemplating the change in seasons.

During this time of celebration I like to collect memories, and soak in as much warmth and inspiration as possible before winter arrives. I make art that expresses all the emotions of the season, from grief and solitude to the playful magic of Halloween.

A fun tradition for my family is costume making. My boys insist that I dress up too (it does not take much convincing) so I am adding some decoration of purple flowers and tulle to a witch hat. It reminds me of the costumes I would make as a child.

Although it seems so small, I also remember decorating a brown paper bags for trick or treating. I always looked forward to designing these bags, probably more that the costume! I would draw colorful Halloween scenes filled with jack-o-lanterns and spooky trees. These crayon drawings brought dull paper bags to life.

I know the colder days will arrive, and I will soon be wishing for the sun’s warmth. This is why I celebrate this season each year.

Share with me how you like to celebrate autumn in the comments below.