Nicole Lilyquist


Nicole Lilyquist's love for art began at a young age.  Her art journey began with very simple tools of brushes, paint, and pieces of cardboard or brown paper bags.  Her nature and landscape paintings were often inspired by her native home in Upper Michigan.  Here she had the opportunity to explore the woods behind her house.  Eventually she experimented with other mediums as she transitioned to working on canvas and watercolor paper, always trying to capture the peaceful beauty she found in nature.

Nicole realized how important creativity was in her life after neglecting this side of her for some years.  After some struggles in her life and neglecting her health she knew she needed to find a way to better manage her self care.  Soon she became more in tune to her emotions and began managing them through meditation.  Her inner child called for her to pick up her paint brush again and was reminded of the joy it brought to her life.  She found the intuitive approach especially relaxing and with this increased energy and confidence she started selling her art.  She soon realized that the positive and healing energy she put into each piece transferred to the people who admired her work.

Many of us live a fast paced lifestyle and we often forget to take care of ourselves.  Nicole's art serves as a reminder for you to stop and take pleasure in the moment, to slow down, and to find the balance you need in your journey to health and happiness.

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Making art is not only therapeutic to me, but a way of communicating and connecting. I enjoy helping people explore their creative side as a way to connecting to their inner child and to encourage further healing.

I began making art at a young age. My journey began with very simple tools of brushes, paint, and pieces of cardboard or brown paper bags. I have always enjoyed exploring nature around my home and it is what inspires me the most. I am constantly experimenting with new mediums as I try to capture the peaceful beauty I find in nature.

When I am not making art I am spending time with my husband and two beautiful children. I enjoy riding my bike near the shores of Lake Michigan, cooking, and making bread.