Nicole Lilyquist


Creative Spaces - A Place for Mess Making


I don’t do well with change. I know it is necessary and I do welcome it, but I struggle. I’ve been feeling so many emotions with my boys last day of school. As they grow older and I try to find new ways to accommodate their creativity. I have been working on redecorating and reorganizing their creative corner in the kitchen. I’m excited to get them a larger desk but I will miss their adorable little chairs and table. I’m still struggling with putting away their play kitchen.

Then I think of my own space. How can I best accommodate my own creativity? How can I let go of my perfectionism and allow myself to make messes while I create? Sometimes after a project I look around my work space and see scattered papers and tubes of paint around me. I know I was lost in the creative process, I had let got of that perfectionism that was holding me back. Although a carpeted floor in the studio isn’t the best for mess making.

I feel the need to slow down while I work. I’ve been documenting my process and trying to find ways to share how I work. The documentation has become part of the art and I find I’ve been constantly reaching for my camera to take photos or videos. These three miniatures were a part of that process.

“All the best ideas come out of the process: they come out of the work itself.”
— Chuck Close