Nicole Lilyquist


Special Packages: Mini Envelope Template and Tutorial


It’s funny finding things I’ve made and forgotten about! I created this envelope template and posted it on my old blog year ago. Because it was so popular I updated it from a basic hand drawn template to a digital download at one point. After rediscovering it, here I am, using this template to make sweet little envelopes for my miniature artworks. I am reminded that working small is certainly not new to me! For some reason I am continuously drawn to creating these miniatures.

Here’s a quick and easy tutorial on how I created these envelope templates. The downloadable template can be found in the materials list below:


Tracing paper


Double sided tape


Washi tape, collage papers, or other embellishments such as embroidery floss

Envelope template

Begin by tracing your envelope onto your tracing paper. Cut out each envelope then fold. Add two pieces of double sided tape to secure the bottom flap, as pictured below. I cut my tape in half lengthwise because I only had wider tape on hand, but you may find it easier to use thinner tape like the one I have linked above.

You could leave your envelopes as is or continue to embellish them. I decided to crinkle mine up and press them under books to flatten them. I then added some washi tape and some collage papers I added a few stitches to with embroidery floss. Attach these pieces using your double sided tape.

And now they are ready for your miniature artworks or pretty handmade cards.